Marvel has announced that come May, there’ll be a “fresh start” with a brand new series coming this Summer.

“BRAND NEW DIRECTION, ALL NEW CREATIVE TEAMS, NEVER SEEN BEFORE FOR THIS CHARACTER,” hang does this sound familiar? Well, it should do since DC and Marvel pull out these tired sell lines every couple of months when sales take a dive for their line of comic books.

It’s Marvel turn to pull out these sell lines once more as their 2015 line-wide re-launch, Marvel Now, is not balancing the books it would seem. Add in some critical backlash and it just about being long enough since the status quo has been changed.

Marvel has also released a new trailer selling what is to come with a male Thor back sporting a robotic hand and Tony Stark as Iron Man – again. Also, to keep in line with the Marvel movie, Ant-man and Wasp are together in the promotional material.

Like with all re-launches, it’s a great time for lapsed readers to jump back in and newcomers to join in. Though don’t get too comfy as things will probably go in a BRAND NEW DIRECTION shortly afterwards.

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