Anjanath is a greenhorn Hunter’s graduation from small time pest control to the real hazards. You’ll have encountered Anjanath early on in the game and been strongly urged by The Handler to get the hell out of Dodge. The wiser veteran hunters would have tipped their hats and whispered a promise to be back and bring the thunder. Morons will have said “How hard can it be?” and they would have met a swift flame-grilled end. Good thing Monster Hunter: World doesn’t punish you for death.

Your first Anjanath hunt shows our star hunter utilising the environment and the slinger to drop a tonne of rock down on Anjanath’s head, mildly annoying the poor fellow and beginning the fight in earnest. How the boulders got up there I will never know but they’re useful for knocking a monster on its arse and doing some damage.

Being the first really challenging hunt in Monster Hunter: World you can expect Anjanath to hit hard, hit fast and with little to no regard for you, others and the environment. It’s attacks frequently destroy parts of the environment, great when near Vine Trap trees or the nest in area 7 with the Flash Flies to stun the bastard.

Monster Hunter: World Anjanath Hunt

Armour up!

I’d recommend using some of those armour spheres from the bounties you’ve been completing to upgrade your armour. Hopefully you’ve battled enough Tobi-Kadachi to craft a good portion of the set. Tobi boasts a 0 modifier to incoming fire damage while providing the best overall defense in the game to this point. Upgrade it, throw it on and gear up.

It’s Elementary!

Anjanath can (and will) let loose an unholy torrent of fire that sweeps gently left to right in a small arc. Easy enough to dodge but what we can tell is this guy will not like water type damage. Craft yourself a Jyuratodus based water weapon of your choosing and you shouldn’t have too much trouble dealing a nice amount of damage.

For our bowman and gunners you’re likely to know the best set ups for your given projectile weapon of choice but needless to say bringing water-based shot/coatings would be ideal. Stack up whatever else you like, but they are a must!

First though, you’ll need to harvest enough elemental sacs in Monster Hunter: World.

Look around!

The opening cutscene showed our hunter showering Anjanath with rocks and hopefully your other hunts in the Ancient Forest will have introduced you to the Vine Trap trees and other environmental hazards. Look around and use them wherever possible. Even if you’re wearing a full set of upgraded armour and carrying a water weapon, Anjanath is no push over the first time you fight it.

Mount your friends!

Calling Anjanath your friend might be a bit of a stretch but you get the idea. Get up top and start hacking away at this thing. Do your best rodeo impression and make this thing suffer. Do your job properly and it’ll be grounded in no time and you can lay waste while it struggles.

Monster Hunter: World Anjanath Hunt

Turf War

Steering a hostile monster in Monster Hunter: World isn’t really that easy. They tend to do what they want and go where they want regardless to whether or not you’re in the way. This is both a blessing and a curse, other monsters, such as the Great Jagras, have a nasty habit of wandering into the area and Anjanath is very territorial. The two are likely to fight each other and ignore you for a while, so either sit back and watch while healing and sharpening or you can go and help. Either way use it to your advantage. The exchange between the two monsters is unlikely to do any serious damage and usually ends with Anjanath tossing the Jagras around until it gives up and leaves, but every little helps.

Seriously the first real monster wants to tangle with the Apex Predator in the region and you thought it would end well? Anjanath could happily snap that thing in two with its jaws. Don’t expect much of a fight.

Monster Hunter: World Anjanath

An Army Marches on its Stomach

Grab a meal at the canteen before setting out to bring this flamey boi down. I’d suggest getting either elemental resistance or defense up. Either will help give you that little extra chance at survival, so make it count. Anjanath’s attacks are not weak and catching one full force no matter how prepared you are is still going to put you on your arse and reaching for a Mega Potion.

Following the above will help making Anjanath that little less of a problem but caution is key. Anjanath is your first real challenge in Monster Hunter: World and it knows it. As the fight drags on it gets more likely to attack with rage-induced flurries of blows, charging around the area and attack wildly.

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