At D23 in Japan this morning, Disney unveiled a brand new world and some gameplay details for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Disney’s D23 event in Tokyo, Japan this weekend has already proven to be fantastic as we’ve had a handful of new details for Kingdom Hearts 3 including the unveiling of another Pixar-themed world: Monsters Inc. World. This news came via a new trailer for the game which also sees Mike and Sully joining in on the action.

The trailer begins with Sora, Donald, and Goofy meeting Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the first time this character has entered the main Kingdom Hearts series. After this introduction we’re then given a glimpse of Mike, Sully, and Boo, and Sora’s transformation as a monster-version of himself with furry blue skin and spiky hair.

Even Donald and Goofy have their own monster transformations, which are peculiar, but awesome to see.

The trailer then moves onto some other worlds and characters in the game including Rapunzel who’ll be able to use her hair for many different things in the game, according to Square Enix. There’s also a mini game which looks similar to a Game & Watch title.

Square Enix also revealed that Gummy Ship segments will return in Kingdom Hearts 3, but will be split into two phases, one being an exploration phase and the other being a combat phase. The developer also revealed that over at the Osaka studio, it’s all-hands-on-deck with Kingdom Hearts 3, plus an additional 100 staff from its Tokyo studio.

In terms of progress, Square Enix revealed that development has been split into three sections, Early, Middle, and Late. According to the company, the Early phase worlds are 90 percent complete, while middle section worlds are at 60. It didn’t reveal at what stage the Late phase worlds are.

Unfortunately we still have no release date for Kingdom Hearts 3, though it’s still apparently pegged for 2018.

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If you’re looking forward to exploring these new worlds, but aren’t quite sure on the history, you can check our our three-part Kingdom Hearts recap.

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