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PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds (PUBG) is still smashing records however user numbers are dwindling as cheaters be come a much bigger problem.

Since its launch in December, PUBG has continued to grow. It’s latest milestone has the game surpass 30 million sales. However, it might not all be good news.

According to Bloomberg’s Yuji Nakamura, daily active users have started to decline, which is surprising considering how many waves the game has been making since its launch into Early Access last March. According to Nakamura, the reason for the decline is for PUBG Corp.’s delay in putting a stop to cheaters.

PUBG has an ongoing problem with cheaters. While PUBG Corp. have been removing cheaters by the millions they continue to return in droves.

Meanwhile, Fortnite which features PUBG‘s competitor Battle Royale has managed to hit a concurrent user figure of 3.4 million, more than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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