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Ubisoft has today announced that Rainbow Six Siege‘s upcoming expansion, Operation Chimera, as well as the PvE mode, Outbreak, is now available on the PC test servers.

Available until March 2, players can jump on the Rainbow Six Siege test server on PC to get hands-on with some of the gameplay features from Operation Chimera – the game’s upcoming expansion, before it arrives in the main game.

Operation Chimera introduces two brand new operators to the roster, Lion and Finka, Elite members of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Threat Unit. Lion represents the French, and Finka represents the Russian counter-terrorism units.

As well as being added to the main game, Lion and Finka’s gadgets will be available in Outbrake, the game’s new limited-time co-op event which begins on March 6.

Players who want an early look at Outbreak can do so periodically through the Test Server phase which begins from today, (February 20).

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