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Ralph Breaks The Internet and Drops A Trailer

Let's keep Ralph's adventures rated 'U' okay guys?

Wreck-It Ralph, in a nutshell, was basically Toy Story, but with video games. Now Pixar is back with a sequel as Ralph goes online.

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So imagine a video arcade after it closes at night. Imagine if all the characters in those games could travel between different machines are and were a lot smarter than you thought and aren’t coin operated at all it would turn out.

So Ryu is hanging with Sonic and everyone treats it like a job, so you can hang out at a bar with the dudes from Time Crisis or the guys from Double Dragon

Ralph (John C. Reilly) is a bad guy character determined to be something more and learns a little something about himself and makes new pals along the way, like Jane Lynch (Glee) playing a tough as nail solider in an FPS Shooter game.

Six years after Ralph’s first adventure as he travels around the various games that live in his arcade him and his bestie, Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) are zapped onto the internet and discover things like eBay, IMDB and hopefully not Pornhub since it’s a kids film…

Will Ralph break the internet or just get demonetised like a Youtuber? Find out in November!

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