Rocket League Sells 10.5 Million, No Sequel Planned

Rocket League developer Psyonix has revealed the Spring 2018 development road map for the game which highlights when some anticipated features are set to arrive, including some visual improvements on Switch.

One of the biggest features to arrive to Rocket League in March or April is the often-requested Tournament Mode which was initially teased back in September 2017. This mode will allow players to take part in competitions without needing to leave the game. Beta testing for this mode is set to take place sometime this month.

This new roadmap also introduces the new way Psyonix are handling updates for Rocket League. Players can now expect to find the developer switching between “Feature Updates” and “Content Updates”. Feature Updates, as you might expect, will bring new features, and the Content Updates will bring new Competitive Seasons, cosmetic items, new maps, events, and more.

A bunch of additional features and tweaks are expected with the Spring Feature Update such as better item filtering, searching, and sorting. There’ll also be the option to disable the One Minute warning during matches among other messages, and much more. The full list can be found over on the Psyonix website.

Rocket League Screenshot

The Nintendo Switch is also set to see a significant upgrade to its visuals. The update will allow players to choose between a new Performance Mode which offers 900p resolution while docked and 720p resolution in portable mode, both at 60 FPS, and a new Quality Mode which will deliver 1080p while docked and 720p in portable, at 30 FPS.

This new year of updates are expected to begin tomorrow (February 7, 2018) along with the start of Competitive Season 7 and Season 6 rewards.

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