2019 is set to bring us another entry into the long-running Power Rangers franchise, though what are the pros and cons to this addition to the Mighty Morphin’ family? Also, as a side note, while writing this piece, spell check kept trying to auto-correct Morphin’ to morphine, which makes me smile, just like someone on morphine I suppose.

So, as you may now know, Power Rangers is adapted from a long-running live-action Japanese TV show called Super Sentai. Each year, the franchise begins afresh with a new cast and new theme for the upcoming entry to the franchise.

It worked slightly different for Power Rangers who sometimes skip Super Sentai (Ressha Sentai ToQger, the train-themed) entries or fiddles with the editing footage like the second and third season of Mighty Morphin’.

With Ninja Steel coming to an end some pegged the space-themed Uchu Sentai Kyuranger set to be next on the slate, production company Saban threw a curveball as it turns out Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is next.

Chronologically, Go-Busters was a few years ago and its reception in Japan wasn’t great. Let’s start with the cons and vegetable portion of this meal.

Go-Busters Cons

In fairness Go-Busters did follow Gokaiger the nostalgic Pirate themed Sentai which hugely popular commercially and in terms of ratings.

Kind of like the Sentai that was adapted from Power Ranger Zeo, it was a lukewarm entry. It suffered from going on a bit long and needed a few more villains to keep it fresh.

Go-Busters Pros

Fun fact, Go-Busters was the first Sentai I watched the whole way through. The theme is mix of spies, animals, and references to Power Rangers. When characters morphed, their morphers would scream “It’s Morphin’ Time!”

In terms of storytelling, it wasn’t as commercial as previous entries as you aren’t overwhelmed with tons of weapons and vehicles and Megazords which were designed to be sold as toys.

That meant the Rangers had to rely on cunning and wit to beat their overpowered adversary who just won’t die like Daniel Jackson from Stargate. The fight scenes involved grappling and a lot more takedowns and it’s a welcome break from the high kicking choreography we were used to.

Right now, it’s hard to tell how this season of Power Rangers will be like since Saban sometimes faithfully adapt as much as possible like Power Rangers Timefroce or try something different like Power Rangers Turbo.

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