Vampyr publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer DONTNOD Entertainment have released the third video in their four-part series highlighting aspects of the upcoming RPG.

In Vampyr, players will meet various different people throughout the flu-ridden London. Some of these people will need help, others are just pests, however in some way they’re integral to the game. So when players gain XP by feeding on these citizens, they’ll need to choose wisely, as one wrong kill could have a dramatic effect on the world.

The amount of XP received from each citizen can also be raised by players by curing their illnesses and ailments and learning more about their lives, but even on a personal level, deciding to feed will be intense and likely an incredibly difficult decision. To make matters worse, players will hear the dying thoughts of every citizen they decide to sacrifice.

Furthermore, if players are too overzealous they could cause entire districts to be wiped out and overrun by Skals and more.


Check out the video below:

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Vampyr launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in Spring, 2018.

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