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Venom Teaser Trailer Shows Tom Hardy… but no Venom…

Here's a look at Ed Hardy... I mean, Venom.

Today, Sony released the first official Teaser Trailer for their upcoming Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy as your friendly neighborhood symbiote.

If nothing else the trailer is certainly a tease, we get a monologue over some footage of Tom Hardy in an MRI machine, “everyone’s got their thing“, some high-speed chases, what looks like an alien crash sit, more monologue. Hardy’s Eddie Brock conveys that no matter what that person’s “thing” is, it changes them, mutates them even, which is fitting for obvious reasons.

We see a brief glimpse of the alien contained within some type of capsule but that’s pretty much it. Sony is apparently keeping the actual look of Venom under wraps for now, but at least we get to see more of Tom Hardy doing his Eddie Brock thing.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in comments! Be sure to check back with n3rdabl3 as more Venom news and trailers release as well, we’ve got you covered!

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