Manga publisher and anime producer VIZ Media and indie game studio Rose City Games have announced a partnership to create original, narrative-driven games.

Both companies are excited about the partnership, as the realm of manga/anime fans tend to be fans of videogames too, and gamers tend to be interested in manga/anime or comics in general, as well. Brad Woods, Chief Marketing Officer of VIZ, says that, “the team at Rose City is the perfect fit for developing games that our audience will love.”

Meanwhile Will Lewis and Corey Warning, the Co-Directors and Co-Founders of Rose City Games, are excited about being able to work on “multiple original game projects as independent developers is huge for us,” and the possibility of expanding their games beyond the gaming realm, presumably into manga and even anime adaptations and companions. Not to mention the potential merchandise for items like figurines, clothing, and posters, etc.!

The companies have already announced their first collaborative project. It is called The World Next Door, a supernatural action/adventure game that is narrative-driven. A teenage girl named Jun is trapped in a parallel world that is inhabited by magical creatures.

The game is touted as having both “emotional storytelling and thrilling action,” and it appears as if connections made with in-game characters will affect how one interacts with and discovers things about the game’s world. The game has been planned for release on PC, though no official release date has been announced at this time. For more updates on this particular game, check out their Twitter or their official website.

At this time, two more games between VIZ Media and Rose City Games have been planned for release over the next few years, although not much else is known about either of them at this time. If you’ve got your own original game in the works, no matter how far along your production is, you may be interested to know that Rose City Games is currently accepting publishing inquiries from developers.

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