Ninjas have been cool for a long time, they’ve made their coolness known in movies comics books, games and loads of over different ways. In terms of movies, you’ve got a whole bunch of them backflipping around and kicking butts, a cool example is, of course, Christopher Nolan’s Batman.

In Comicbooks, you’ve got Snake Eyes and Elektra whilst in games, you’ve got Ninja Gaiden of course. As for TV, I’ve got a thing for the Ninjetti from Power Rangers and, of course, Power Rangers Ninja Storm looks pretty good.

For manga and anime, you’ve of course got the Anbu. The black ops special forces of the Hidden Leaf in Naruto. Working in the background of the tale about a young ninja named Naruto they have the Boba Fett effect. Limited screen time but they seem to have captured (well at least mine) the imagination of fans.

I for one loved the Kakashi Anbu arc in Naruto Shippuden as we followed the young ninja as part of the black ops arm of the Hidden Leaf learning the ropes.

I even liked that Tomy developed Wii game, Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, that had some Anbu as the main characters until I played it for too long and found out why Tomy shouldn’t be allowed to publish Naruto games.

Though if we’re going to unpack why I’m like them so much, I guess we need to work from top to bottom.

First, they look cool, with their white masks based on the faces of animals, covering their faces and adding a shroud of mystery to who you’re battling against. Below the neck, it’s all sleek and minimal, with a flat jacket and black. Like a decent smartphone.

Plus they’ve got the stealth and hand to hand combat of an elite warrior fused with some cool superpowers. In a way, I kind of wish Boruto would join the Anbu or at least a story arc involving the Anbu would come into play.

Though I’ve got to say, Danzo sucks and is a bad, bad man, and him and the Root are terrible people who almost destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village.

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