Finally the second issue of Titan Comics badass new series, Bloodborne, has released and like the premiere issue, it does not disappoint. My appreciation for this series continues to grow, if only the love and respect that has been infused into this comic was shared with every other video game comic adaptation!

Bloodborne #2 continues to follow our Hunter and the Paleblood child as they continue their journey to “transcend the hunt”. We get more fan service as the setting changes from Old Yharnam to the Forbidden Woods and Iosefka’s Clinic. Little parts of dialogue are nods to the game as well, like mention of “a lake where time buckles and folds”. Could issue #3 be heading for Byrgenwerth?! That would make sense if this issue includes the Forbidden Woods. There are other great tie in’s to the game as well but I won’t spoil everything for you.

The story continues to intrigue us as well. This Hunter is trying to make sense of his purpose within the nightmare. Is his sole purpose to hunt a few monsters or does he have a higher calling? What will happen when he gets the child to safety, past the old fishing hamlet? Also, what kind of power does this child hold, if he can send away the Blood Starved Beast?!

There seems to be enough happening within these two issues to hint that this series could potentially take some time to tell it’s story. I honestly hope they take as long as they want to tell the story they’re trying to tell. As long as they continue to deliver well paced, nostalgia drenched issues I will continue to soak up every blood stained frame.

Titan Comics continues to impress with this second issue. The art style, story, and the writing, all continue to carry us through this exhilarating journey that is beginning to unravel before us. While we may never get a Bloodborne 2, this series has the potential to fill that long empty void fans of the game have been dying to fill.

Bloodborne #3 drops April 2018!

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