Recently, Nintendo filed new trademarks for nine separate games and series, including Luigi’s MansionMario & Luigi, Super Smash BrothersWarioWareMetroid PrimeDillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers, and Wario Land. The Wario Land trademark has caught the attention of many, especially after Nintendo’s surprise announcement of WarioWare Gold.

Because of the sudden announcement of the August-bound game, many suspect that Wario Land will be another new Wario-centric game. As WarioWare Gold is going to be gracing 3DS and 2DS systems, it seems possible that Wario Land could be an outing on the Switch for Mario’s yellow rival.

Of course, the Wario Land series was and still remains a fan favourite, and Nintendo could just be thinking about rereleasing the older games onto their Virtual Consoles. Again, if this is the case, we suspect a release for the Switch’s Virtual Console system, as the 3DS’s eshop already offers Wario Land 3.

Although little is known right now, we suspect it will only be a matter of time before Nintendo makes an announcement–maybe at E3, or maybe they’ll surprise us even sooner, just as they surprised us with their WarioWare Gold announcement.

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