Just yesterday Cory Barlog, the Creative Director for the new God of War game tweeted to say that he’d be in Berlin doing interviews about the upcoming God of War game.

A fan replied to his tweet with a screenshot of, where he had circled part of the inventory screen showing what looked like a premium currency, which isn’t altogether uncommon in triple A games these days, even the single player ones.

In response to the question “Will there be microtransactions in the game?” Cory said “No freaking way!!!” This comes as welcome news to those of us who are not in favor of microtransactions and premium currencies and the effect they can have on game design, such as locking characters behind prohibitive pay walls or forcing players to endure an extensive grind in order to persuade them to pony up real cash to bypass it and get to the fun part.

God of War will be released on the PS4 this year on April 20.

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