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Legion Season 2 Trailer Lands

Do you like your stories of superheroes to be surreal and unusual? Did you think the X-men movies need to be a little more trippy?

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Well, Legion might just be the show for you. As Fox tries to create an X-men shared universe with the likes of Deadpool and the upcoming New Mutants (Legion was a part of the New Mutants in the 80s) along with a TV output.

Legion follows David Haller (the son of Charles Xavier AKA Professor X) a mutant with severe mental health issues which hampers his epic superpowers as each power he has taken up its own unique personality making them very hard to use.

Season 2 will follow the emergence of the Shadow King who has a sinister plan for mutants and plans some not very nice things for the world in general.

The second season will be landing on the 3rd of April, so look out for the ongoing adventures of Legion.

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