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Luke Cage Season 2 Trailer Drops

The unbreakable man is back.


Marvel’s Luke Cage is returning to Netflix this year for its second season.

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In case you didn’t know. Luke Cage is a Marvel superhero with unbreakable skin, super strength and a super tough attitude.

Cage might be a member of the Defenders in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in the comics he founded Heroes for Hire, a superhero team consisting of him and his pal Iron Fist fighting crime for a fee.

I could react like an overexcited cartoon character to the trailer, but instead, I’ll let you read the synopsis Netflix have provided;

“After clearing his name, Luke Cage has become a celebrity on the streets of Harlem with a reputation as bulletproof as his skin. But being so visible has only increased his need to protect the community and find the limits of who he can and can’t save. With the rise of a formidable new foe, Luke is forced to confront the fine line that separates a hero from a villain.”

New episodes hit on 22 June and it seems Luke is looking for a fresh challenge for season 2, so you better watch out!

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