MAD magazine has announced that next month the MAD issue that will be gracing store shelves and subscriber’s mailboxes will be a “reboot” of the classic magazine that has run since 1952.

MAD hinted that something like this would happen–their last issue announced that this was their last issue. Of course, this isn’t the first time Mad has made a joke about folding, so it didn’t necessarily raise any eyebrows at the time. However, the rebooted MAD will be renumbered and sporting a shiny new number one and a new editor-in-chief, Bill Morrison, an illustrator and comic book artist in his own right.

This reboot coincides with another huge change for the magazine. Although MAD‘s offices were located in New York City from 1952 through the beginning of 2018, there has been a relocation to Los Angeles, California. There has been no word on how this may affect the content of the magazine, as many of the older contributors to the magazine are located in New York City or in other areas on the East Coast. It seems that “a number of staffers elected not to continue on,” but we’ve had no specifics on who might be out of the game (Morrison has joked about MAD veteran Al Jaffee sticking around, which seems to suggest that he will continue contributing).

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MAD has also re-adopted their original logo from the fifties, originally created by Harvey Kurtzman. This has led to some speculation about what the rebooted MAD will look like. When the magazine was first printed and this logo was last used, it was strictly a comic book full of one-shot sci-fi, crime, fantasy, and parody stories. It didn’t become the magazine-style publication well-known today until 1955, to avoid strict, legal crackdowns on what could and could not be shown in comic books.

Still, at the moment, not too much is known about how the new MAD will look and how it will feel. Fortunately, we only have to wait a little while longer to find out: the issue is due out April 16.

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