Yesterday we reported that Oddworld Inhabitants were teasing something new and guessed it might be a book. Today we’ve found out it’s true.

This Kickstarter was launched to fund the publication of Oddworld: Abe’s Origins, a hardback history book being put out by Indie By Design. Before it comes out though they need to raise £45,000 but fortunately they’ve already managed to get just under £23,000 so it looks like it won’t be long til they get what they need.

The book itself comes in hardback and will be comprised of about 240 pages telling the story of Oddoworld’s creation. This includes “A cache of original art, concept sketches, design documents and level design notes” that “have been recently rediscovered by Oddworld co-founder Lorne Lanning.” 

If you want to donate, there are rewards to be earned. Pledging £30 gets you the book and your name listed in it as a benefactor. However, there is more to get than just the history book. Oddworld Inhabitants have teamed up with Limited Run Games who specialise in limited physical releases of games to create the Abe’s Origins game collection. The collection features the first two Oddworld games, Oddyssey and Exoddus. Moreover, they come in a big box style case with a manual full of new concept art. On top of that the collection comes with two download keys so as to “save collectors having to break open their packaging.” This collection will be rewarded to anyone who pledged £60 or more to the Kickstarter.

With the campaign ending on April 21 there is still plenty of time to pledge you cash to make Abe’s Origins a reality. Click here for more details.

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