Oddoworld Inhabitants are hard at work on Soulstorm, the upcoming re-imagining of the second Oddworld game, Abe’s Exoddus. However, it seems they have some other things up their sleeve.

On March 16 they uploaded this video showing, entitled 20.03.18 which showed us some concept art along with the phrase “Explore his origins.” At first glance it sounds like they’re teasing a new Oddworld game about Abe’s life before his first Oddyssey, which would’ve been pretty cool probably. However, their second trailer clears things up.

This trailer, with the title of Explore His Origins doesn’t outright tell us how we’ll be exploring Abe’s past but the big hint is the fact that Indie By Design are mentioned at the end of it. Indie By Design is a website that hosts a podcast where John Robertson and Stace Harman interview indie developers about their games. What’s also notable is the book they published. After having raised funds on Kickstarter they published Independent by Design, detailing game development stories from indie devs such as Vambleer (Nuclear Throne, Luftrausers) and InXile (Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera).

The obvious conclusion here is either that Abe’s creator Lorne Lanning will be appearing on the podcast soon or they will be publishing another book about the development of the Oddworld series. I’d love to have a hardback book about Oddworld on my shelf but listening to Lanning tell the tale of Oddworld’s creation would no doubt be just as interesting. No more details are available for now but I can only assume we’ll be hearing more on March 20th.

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