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The Division 2 Announced

Agents! Today brings some great news from The Division’s development team. The Division 2 is officially in development and we will be receiving our first look at E3 2018.

Details are incredibly sparse at this moment but speculations have been rampant since Update 1.8. What we do know is that development is being lead by Massive Entertainment once again after the massive success of The Division. Massive will be working closely with multiple teams, including Ubisoft Annecy, Bucharest and Shanghai along with Redstorm and Reflections. The Division 2 will be running on Massive Entertainment’s updated Snowdrop engine, from behind The Division.

Due to the lack of details concerning the newly announced Division 2, speculation is rife. Massive’s close partnership with the three Ubisoft branches may give some indication to possible locations for the new game, however that’s just a theory as this list of studios is largely the same as those behind the original Division. Running through the deserted frostbitten streets of New York was eerie enough, imagine Shanghai during the rainy season?

Tom Clancy’s The Division™ Beta
Until next time, New York

During a livestream earlier today, Julian Gerighty and Mathias Karlson said:

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make. There are so many stories and so many experiences we want to explore within The Division that we really thought a sequel was the best way to investigate these things.”

Fans of the game have often expressed their concerns about any potential sequels, urging Ubisoft instead to continue to expand the original. Although there is still plenty of space to add new missions and areas to The Division, exploring an entirely new locale would make developing the story much easier. After all, Keener is an intelligent man and will have gone to ground, biding his time before launching his own attack, probably in a different location.

The Division features hundreds of intel collectibles that all add to the depth of the game, especially the story of April Kelleher and the Survival Guide. Ubisoft released an actual physical copy of the survival guide, full of Kelleher’s annotations documenting her time trapped in New York resisting the Dollar Flu, showing just some of the potential story points for The Division 2.

Although we don’t know much more than that about Division 2, there were also some announcements for upcoming updates to The Division. There two new updates planned, jokingly called “Strawberry” and “Parsnip” by Gerighty. Strawberry, 1.8.1, is scheduled to land in April bringing The Division an Xbox One X update. It will also introduce Legendary Difficulty reworks of Amerherst’s Apartment and Grand Central Station to the game. Parsnip, 1.8.2, will rework two more levels and introduce “Shields” which will allow players to unlock content for The Division 2.

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