The Scarlet Speedster is about to get the LEGO treatment with a LEGO movie special which sees The Flash teaming up with Dr Fate.

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Dr Fate, is basically the magical guardian of the DC Universe as Kent Nelson dons a mystic helmet containing the powers and persona the strict but powerful hero. With LEGO’s light-hearted cartoonish touch, The Flash has lost his powers and need Dr Fates helping in getting them back and discovering what is the Speed Force.

Adapting the usual feud of Reverse-Flash vs The Flash (with a touch of the Speed Force) which tends to dominate the modern Flash comics, The Flash must battle the Reverse-Flash, an obsessive villain with the same powers as himself.

Since it’s probably going to be a very long time until we see a live action Flash movie, make sure you rush down to the store or to your online video library and grab your copy.

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