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The Most Likely Heroes to Die in Avengers: Infinity War

I think it is pretty safe to say we can guess who won't be coming out of this War alive...

Lets be real. Almost every Marvel hero has met their end at some point or another in the comics. We have variant timelines, or cosmic “miracles”, or whatever that inevitably bring most of them back from the dead, but at one point or another, one of your favorite heroes has most likely been killed off.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t really seen this happen yet, except for Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but he was pretty ‘eh’ to begin with. Avengers: Infinity War promises fans that at least one of our beloved heroes will be killed off before Phase 3 is over, and rightly so. It’s no surprise that the movies need to take certain liberties in order to keep the movies moving at a steady pace.

Christ, if we had origin movies for all of the heroes involved in Civil War, we’d still be at least 10 years away from seeing that happen on the big screen! Marvel does their best to somewhat stick to the canon the comics give them, but the truth is there is just SO much content to work with and sift through, it’d be impossible to give us films that follow the comics to the letter.

Having said that, Infinity War sees one of Marvel’s most notorious villains take center stage, Thanos. This dude does NOT fuck around. Being one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse, Thanos has slain countless heroes and even raised planets just for the fun of it. From what we have seen in the trailers, Marvel intends to show the Mad Titan’s maniacal nature, so at least they’re keeping that canon true. Long story short, someone, if not more than one someone will absolutely die. Thanos has come to kill bitches and chew bubble gum, and hes all out of bubble gum.

Going off of what we know, these are the most likely victims that will meet their end before Avengers: Infinity War is over…


This one is more of a long shot than an obvious one. The most important reason being that Terraxia, Thanos’ lover he created to make Death jealous, hasn’t even been introduced in the MCU yet. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, for all we know she could have a role to play in Part 2, which doesn’t come out until 2019. However, I doubt they’ll include her. However, going off of the Infinity Gauntlet series, Spidey swings in to save the day, he webs Thanos’ mouth shut and even gets in a lucky hit before leaving the other heroes to deal with him as he tries to take on Terraxia. She inevitably pummels Spider-Man to a pulp and that’s the end of that.

Scarlet Witch

While this one also seems a bit less likely, Scarlet Witch does meet her demise in the battle with Thanos. Cyclops and her attempt to double team the Mad Titan, which ultimately only makes him more angry. Thanos first turns his gaze on her and uses his God-like powers to turn Scarlet Witch’s hex powers against her.

She drops dead, with Cyclops quickly following as his head is encased in a clear box and he suffocates to death. I’m not officially including him in this list though considering the X-Men have just recently been acquired by Marvel and I HIGHLY doubt we will see them in Infinity War.


This is where we start getting into more probable deaths. Who best to take on a god than, well, a god? After countless heroes fall, Thor steps into the ring and a semblance of hope comes over our heroes.

Sadly, Thanos makes quick work of the god of Thunder, turning him into glass and shattering him into a millions pieces. While this might not be how Thor is killed off in the movie, it is possible we could see Hemsworth’s time as Thor come to an end. Being one of the more beloved characters in the MCU, Thor dying would rock the fan base to our core.

The Vision

These final ones are hard to “rate” in terms of probability because, honestly, they’re all extremely possible. If I had a choice, they would all be fighting over the number one spot of “who’s gonna get got?!”. As we know, Thanos is after the Infinity Stones in order to complete his gauntlet. The Vision happens to be in possession of one of those stones, the Mind Stone.

This is going off of the assumption that Thanos will inevitably complete the gauntlet by acquiring all 6 stones. While the comics sees The Visions insides becoming his outsides, we honestly don’t know what will happen to him in the MCU if the Mind Stone is separated from his body. Will he deflate like a balloon, will he find that he never needed the stone to be who he is in the first place, or will we find out that the MCU and the Men in Black universes are one in the same and the Vision has been a tiny alien working an android body this entire time?!

Iron Man 

These final two are both extremely likely. While I previously stated that Terraxia most likely won’t be involved, it is a known fact that Downey Jr. has been ready to hang up the suit for a while now. Iron Man/ Tony Stark has been with us since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His death would be earth shattering but not surprising.

Kevin Feige has made it clear that Phase 4 is going to really open up the MCU, and sometimes to do that you need to clear a path for new characters. With Marvel comics turning some of their heroes into heroines it would be cool to see a female Tony Stark or Thor though!

Captain America

Personally, I think this death is the most likely. Not even going off the comics or anything other than Chris Evans himself stating that he will be done with the role of Captain America after Avengers 4, or Infinity War Part 2! Why the fuck he felt like that should be public knowledge before these films release is beyond me. We KNOW at least one hero will die in the films, and now we KNOW that Chris Evans is hanging up the shield, talk about spoilers man.

Regardless, if his death is anything like the comics it’ll be oozing with bravery and nobility and all that sappy shit. Basically Cap decides to distract Thanos on his own while the Silver Surfer swoops in and tries to steal the gauntlet. Sadly, this plan fails and Thanos congratulates the Captain with a swift back hand, shattering his neck and killing him instantly.

This death makes the most sense for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that the movies have already introduced TWO characters that could take his place. Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson have both taken the mantle of “Captain America” in the comics, and when Cap meets his end at the hands of the Mad Titan, it’s Bucky who steps up to replace him. Between this and the fact that Chris Evans can’t keep his stupid mouth shut, I think we will be seeing a new familiar face pick up the shield sooner rather than later.


I know I know, “THANOS ISN’T A HERO!!” However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a tendency to kill off it’s villains rather than somehow letting them live. Perfect example being Ronin the Executioner from Guardians of the Galaxy. That dude plays a way bigger role in the comics, and even becomes a good guy for awhile. Yet Marvel felt the need to make him explode and end his time within the cinematic universe.

Thanos is a major player within Marvel comics. He has made countless appearances over a number of arcs, beyond that of the Infinity Gauntlet. From Secret Wars to the Thanos Initiative he has reared his ugly head more times than I’m sure Cap and company would care to admit. He has been a kind of hero helper and has even received his own comic arc. It will be extremely interesting to see what happens to his character in the MCU. Not that Josh Brolin needs any more work, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of Cable in the coming years.

So there you have it, the most likely heroes we may soon be saying farewell to. Are there any we missed or you think are more likely to get off’d? Let us know in the comments below and for everything Avengers: Infinity War, keep checking back with us at n3rdabl3, we’ve got you covered!

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