What if the Power Rangers arch nemesis, Rita Repulsa, existed in the Naruto Universe? What if one day The Hidden Leaf Village had to fight off the villainous Machine Empire from Power Rangers Zeo? Well, they’d need their own team of Power Rangers to help fend off those evil bad guys in rubber suits.

Though, which characters would meet the cut and become the rainbow coloured helmet wearing mecha controlling superheroes who used to rule Saturday morning?

Of course, you may be thinking; “but there has been a couple of Ninja-themed Power Ranger teams, why would we want any more?” And this is true, you’ve had the Ninjetti Rangers from season 3 of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, technically the Alien Rangers were ninjas since the Sentai they were based-on was about ninjas.

Later on, you had Ninja Storm (that roughly premiered in the West the same time that Naruto rolled up) and of course Ninja Steel. Though that doesn’t matter because it would be cool to have the Naruto Rangers scrapping against these established teams, right?

So who from the Naruto universe would don the suits?

Red Ranger: Neji – Ooooh controversial! I bet you all thought I’d put Naruto as the Red Ranger, right? Since the show is named after him. Well, how wrong you were.  Since you need a sensible bloke at the lead, cue Neji the tough guy with eyes that can zoom in anywhere and is really useful when you’ve lost your keys.

Blue Ranger: Lee – Oh I bet your getting cross, Naruto isn’t even the Blue Ranger? Yep, that’s because Neji needs a trusted second in command like TJ from Power Rangers in Space or Skye in SPD.

Black Ranger: Naruto – Think about it, Naruto is the outcast in Hidden Leaf and typically the third ranger is always a bit of zag among zigs. Like Bridge from SPD and Dustin from Ninja Storm.

Yellow Ranger: Tenten – Tenten is one my favourite Naruto characters and she deserved way more screen time or a decent filler arc like the Kakashi Anbu arc. Maybe as a Ranger, she may get more screen time. Though that would be hard since I’m not pitching a TV or anything.

Pink Ranger: Hinata – It would give Hinata a chance to be close to Naruto and chance to prove herself to Neji as a competent ninja.

Green Ranger: Sakura – And you probably thought Naruto being the third ranger was the weirdest idea I’ve had. Sakura has to put up with a lot of drama with Team 7 and always getting her butt whipped by Ninja with cooler powers, that’s got to leave a chip on your shoulder.

So what if Rita manages to put her under her spell and uses her as her own personal ranger? It’s a tough dilemma for the Naruto and the gang.

Oh, where is Sasuke? Well, he’d definitely join the bad guys and would switch sides later on and he doesn’t get his own morpher, so bite me.

Do you have any better suggestions? Why don’t you let us in the comments below

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