I can’t express how much fun Batman Ninja looks. An animated movie that combines anime with the world of Batman. The story sees the Dark Knight along with his allies and enemies transported back to Feudal Japan and do battle like they always do.

This time, however, they must don Samurai armour and must employ cutting-edge weaponry of the time. A key point is how Batman must break his reliance on his gadgets and vehicles to go back to basics with his extensive training in combat, strategy and much more.

An anime about Batman becoming more like a ninja or a samurai makes sense since he’s a modern day warrior and employs a lot of similar tactics to that of a ninja with his ability to stealth. Though this has got me wondering, what other DC superheroes could get mashed up with anime and a slice of Japanese culture?

Well, like always, I’ve got a few ideas that see iconic DC superheroes in an anime setting.

Superman Kaiju: It kind of makes sense doesn’t it? Pitting Superman against a bunch of giant monsters since Superman is all about taking on things bigger and stronger than him.

I could see Zack Synder liking the idea since Man of Steel revolved around the blue boy scout taking part in long Dragon Ball Z fight scenes.

Green Lantern Aliens: I know Green Lantern’s rogue’s gallery is mostly him taking on aliens like Sinestro and Kanjar Ro. Though how would the Emerald Knight do against some anime style aliens?

Imagine Hal Jordon or John Stewart doing battle with Zentradi from Robotech or King Zarkon from Voltron with their vast alien fleet pounding down on the intergalactic policemen?

Wonder Woman – Katanas and Demons: I know in more recent Wonder Woman comics that her rogue gallery is based around different ancient world gods as in what happened in the 2017 movie.

So what if Wonder Woman found herself in Toyko having to do battle with mystic aspects of Japanese culture as she swaps her Lasso of Truth and shield for a Katana?

Have you got a cool anime and DC character mashup? Let us know in the comments!

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