Wrestling tends to be full of colourful characters clashing with each other to win a belt or in some cases the chance to star in a Japanese shampoo advert. Yeah, that’s right, Edge and Booker T had a Wrestlemania match to see who could star in a Japanese shampoo advert.

So, with Wrestlemania wrapped up for the year (I haven’t watched it yet) I’ve been wondering what weird characters could turn up in the card for the future. I mean WWE have had odd celebrities in the past, including Snookie from Jersey Shore, Mr. T and even Floyd Mayweather.

The promotion has had luck with that strategy, I mean look at Rhonda Rousey and even former Olympic athlete, Kurt Angle.

So I want to cast the net even further and pick some of the strangest characters from all of nerdom.

Lucha Spider-man – Did you know during the Spider-verse that saw Spider-men and women team up to fight a family of evil vampires?

Of course, you did. Though if you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know that in one of the many parallel universes that the story visited included a world where Spider-man is luchadore. He has two goals in life. Winning a title and defeating crime.

Better not turn heel Rey Mysterio because Lucha Spider-man would be after you.

Rainbow Mika and Zangief as a tag team – Imagine Lana and Rusev squaring off against Street Fighters premier pro wrestling tag team Rainbow Mika and Zangief?

I could totally imagine Rainbow Mika ruining Rusev day for everyone involved.

Captain Kirk – Imagine Starfleet’s legendary captain squaring off against at Mania with his intentions to take home the US Championship belt?

Would his Kirk Fu hold up against the likes of Woken Matt Hardy or Dolph Ziggler? I’d find that match engaging (sorry for the awful pun).

Lucha Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Check out these dudes in action courtesy of TVLuchaMundial

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Imagine these guys invading the card and taking on the likes of the New Day or The Bar?I’d be a sure thing that these lean green wrestling machines would take home the belt.

Can you think of anything weirder? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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