Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if Batman was a bit more like a competent version of Stan Smith from Amercian Dad and also happened to be Heavy Metal performer?

Well, that’s what the guys over the ArhbyBES Youtube thought up with their series of Batmetal animated music videos. We began with Batmetal which saw Batman and his family of sidekicks pull off a metal concert.

Batmetal Returns saw the Bat-family take a trip underwater to save Aquaman from a gang of cute underwater children’s characters gone evil.

And now, we’ve got Batmetal Forever which sees the Dark Knight team up with Batgirl as they hunt for the Joker to fill the void in the Caped Crusaders life.

With a fusion of the over the top aesthetic of the Arkham games and the whacky humour of Rick and Morty the Dark Knight has not been funnier whilst at the same time of being sinister.

Check it out below:

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