Sledgehammer Games has revealed that it’ll be revamping the Divisions system in Call of Duty: WW2 bringing some big changes.

Since launch, Call of Duty: WW2‘s Divisions have pretty much remained the same. These class-based divisions offer certain perks and certain rewards as players level up each one. For the most part, they’ve been fairly easy to understand but it’s offered limitations too, such as the Airborne Division being the only way to equip a silencer, for example.

Starting next week however, “sweeping changes” are coming to Divisions and its core systems in the game. The idea, according to the developer is to offer a much more customisable and balanced multiplayer experience for players.

Calling back to my example, class-based items such as the SMG suppressor, shotgun incendiary shells, rifle bayonet, and pistol tactical knife will now become standard attachments for all players. The Sharpshooter ability and the LMG Bipod will also be available globally.

Other game aspects were tweaked such as Basic Training, including Primed which the studio has removed completely including its additional attachment from all loadouts.

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In addition, tactical equipment and launchers were hardly used so the developers removed the Bang basic training modifying the Launch basic training. This finally allowed players to attach both tactical and lethal equipment and use launchers as a secondary – much like traditional Call of Duty titles.

Movement was also addressed, specifically sprinting. It seems the developers deemed limited sprinting non-beneficial to gameplay and thus have enabled unlimited sprinting to all Divisions.

The update for Call of Duty: WW2 goes live today.

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