Cities: Skylines‘ upcoming May update will be taking players to the park as the new expansion brings theme parks and zoos into the equation.

Cities: Skylines is considered as one of the best city building games for some time stealing the crown from the Sim City series. However now it has its eyes set on other popular games as its Parklife expansion lets players build their own theme parks and zoos.

Coming in May, players will be able to treat their Cities: Skylines inhabitants with more tourist attractions including amusement parks, nature reserves, and zoos. But it’s not just a select and place, there seems to be plenty of customisation at players’ disposal including setting walking paths, ticket prices, and much more. Five new maps will also be added to the game.

Parklife will also add three new city policies and eight new park policies all of which focus on managing tourist attractions.

Cities: Skylines Parklife expansion can pre-ordered now with a nice 10% discount. Its full price is $15. Paradox will also release a free update that’ll include modding features, a new tourism panel, and much more.

There’s currently no word if and/or when the expansion will arrive on Xbox One.

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