Dragon Quest is the only JRPG series that even comes close to competing with Final Fantasy (at least in Japan) so it’s no surprise that it’s still going strong to this day. However, the next entry in the series may come as a surprise to most. Rather than a typical JRPG, the next Dragon Quest will be a Virtual Reality experience.

Dragon Quest VR will be playable in Shinjuku’s VR Zone, the same place you can play Mario Kart in VR. At the moment there aren’t really any details on what DQ VR will play like, whether it will allow you to roam around an open world or if it’ll just be a series of battles but the series creator Yuji Hori said it was “like a dream.”

As we can see in the trailer, players will play with HTC Vive headsets and controllers which will allow for a full range of movement. Even though we don’t know exactly what the game will be like, there’s no doubt that being able to immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Quest and fighting slimes right in front of you will be an absolute blast!

Unfortunately though this is unlikely to be playable outside of Japan any time in the near future but us Dragon Quest fans still have Dragon Quest XI to look forward to at the end of the year.

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