Two Point Games and SEGA have today unveiled the first exclusive in-game item for Two Point Hospital… a Golden Toilet. Lovely.

Ahead of the release of a brand new video for Two Point Hospital based on today’s developer session at EGX Rezzed in London, Two Point Games have revealed a mystery in-game item for those who have signed up for the Hospital Pass over on the game’s website.

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, another game with another season pass for content that’s already been made”, well you’re wrong. The Hospital Pass is essentially signing up to their newsletter using your Steam account. For signing up you’ll receive early access to trailers, promotions, and of course a mystery in-game item.

And that item is…

Yup… a golden crapper.


What else did you expect? Something actually serious? This game is from the same people who made Theme Hospital, remember?

Two Point Hospital is set to launch on PC later this year.

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