Disney Pixar have released the first trailer for their upcoming animation, Incredibles 2, which shows the family being split up in order to change public opinion.

Looks like super heroes aren’t as loved as some movies make them out to be. The Incredibles learned this the hard way and now have some making up to do. That means Helen (Elastigirl) must go it alone to be the hero, while Bob (Mr. Incredible) stays behind to look after the family.

Looks like raising super heroes isn’t the most ideal situation as Violet is turning into a rebellious teenager and Jack-Jack is discovering his super powers – which includes fire, laser eyes, and teleportation. Fortunately Dash seems to be the only sane one.

Later in the trailer it looks like the family come back together, along with Frozone to defeat a new despicable enemy.

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Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 15, 2018.

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