Konami’s long-running partnership with the UEFA Champions League has come to an end leaving us to wonder exactly what next year’s Pro Evolution Soccer title will look like.

I don’t really understand football but what I do know is that loosing a partnership this big is a big deal, especially for a game that’s constantly chasing the coat tails of its biggest rival, FIFA.

So here’s the deal, Konami, for the past ten years, has had the UEFA Champions League as part of Pro Evolution Soccer. As a result this has allowed the publisher to bring the competition into the game as well as offer special promotions in relation to the league.

When the Champions League final comes into play this May, Konami will no longer hold the exclusive rights to feature the competition in-game. This would mean that Pro Evolution Soccer no longer has any advantages over its rival, FIFA.

It’s unclear whether this decision comes from UEFA or Konami or whether it was a mutual split, however Konami remain ever positive as Senior Brand Director Jonas Lygaard says that they’re able to “shift focus into other areas”.

“We will continue to explore alternative ways UEFA and Konami can continue to work together, as our relationship remains strong,” he continued.

It’s unknown how this will affect the newest entry, PES 2019, which is likely to be announced soon and arrive later this year.

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