This is without a doubt the hardest review I’ve ever been asked to write. The #ThanosDemandsYourSilence and all round respect for no spoilers prevents me from going into any real detail. If I didn’t know better I’d honestly think I’m being punished, but Avengers: Infinity War was just. That. Good. Putting thoughts, feelings and impressions into words is going to be tough but we’re gunna give it a go anyway…

Thirteen years ago we were given Iron Man, even though there were Marvel movies before it, this is the one that started it all. Iron Man was the perfect spark to ignite the fire that became the MCU and Avengers: Infinity War shows that the tagline “It’s all been leading up to this…” wasn’t just for show. Infinity War was only announced in 2014 and filming began in January 2017, but the wheels were set in motion from Day One of Iron Man. Thirteen years of hard work has been poured into this movie by expert, loving and reverent hands.

From the opening to the closing of the after credits scene you can see just how much effort went in to making Avengers: Infinity War live up to fan expectations and then exceeding them. Movie fans are a devout bunch, comic book fans even more so. Comic book movie fans are something else entirely and honestly, if anyone walks out of that theatre saying they didn’t enjoy it then I would seriously question their sanity.

Avengers: Infinity War Still

Avengers: Infinity War isn’t just the movie we all wanted, it’s the movie we never expected to see. People complained Civil War would be too cluttered with too many heroes battling for their share of the screen time, it payed off and people grew hopeful that Infinity War’s massively expanded cast would work too. It does. It absolutely does. There isn’t one dominating character, this isn’t just another Tony Stark show. The screen time is balanced pretty equally across all the characters, every hero gets the chance to strut their stuff and weigh in on the showdown with the big bad purpley-boi.

It’s not a spoiler, un-clench.

With so many characters on screen there was fear that the interactions between them would be forced and fall flat, but that’s not the case at all. Every character has their chance to connect with and bounce off the others, creating a dynamic that you would never find elsewhere. Nailing these interactions between the groups of heroes is an achievement like no other and without it Infinity War wouldn’t be half the movie it is.

Speaking of screen time, Thanos has never really received much at all throughout the series. This was a source of some trepidation amongst fans, how can we have a big bad uber villain that we don’t know anything all that much about (in the MCU at least, comic fans know ALL about Thanos). Again, it’s done perfectly. We’ve been drip-fed information about Thanos for a long time and so when we finally get to see him the pieces all coalesce and allow him to take form without needless exposition, no long drawn out origins or backstory. We just get rid down to taking arse and kicking names on a mad rampage across the universe that will shake this plane of existence to its foundations. Again, not a spoiler.

Avengers: Infinity War Still

While on the topic of screen time, Avengers: Infinity War is two and a half hours long and not one single second of it is wasted. Most movies of similar length tend to feel drawn out and padded out with needless filler, but with the expanded character roster (most ambitious crossover event of all time etc.) there’s no space for filler. You’re given moments of respite here and there to allow you to take in what you’ve seen, take a breath then dive back in. It’s these moments of quiet calm that stick out, but don’t get me wrong, that’s not the criticism it would normally be, Infinity War is not a normal movie. There are no overly dull stretches, everything flows together in one smooth movement.

With all of the Marvel movies, Avengers: Infinity War is beautifully scored. The moment you first hear the Avengers Theme will send a shiver down your spine, your hands stand on end and you feel it resonate with that cord in you, you didn’t quite realise you had. Like all other great themes, it’s characteristic and no matter how it’s played you know its there, just look at the Indiana Jones trilogy and listen out for the different versions of the theme throughout. Not to mention the rest of the score being perfect like everything else in this movie. A soundtrack’s job is to make powerful moments hit harder, to make everything flow together across shots and scenes. To take a sequence of moments and turn them into a cohesive whole and Infinity War delivers every blow with precision, it plucks every string, hits every note and strums every cord of not just the film but you as well with perfection.

Avengers: Infinity War Still

As I’ve said there’s been 13 years of preparation going into Infinity War. There was a lot riding on it, the stakes were high and the fan expectations were even higher, but holy shit did it pay off. From the visual effects to dividing up the screen time to the characteristic charm and humour we’ve come to know and love from Marvel Studios, Avengers: Infinity War is a work of art. A true cinematic masterpiece and anyone who claims otherwise needs to pull their head out of their arse. Juggling as many elements as they did in this is nothing short of incredible and truly an awesome experience. 6 years ago we were first introduced to Thanos and his Chitauri army operating through Loki in Avengers Assemble. It blew everyone away then and Infinity War recaptures that feeling and re-deploys it and then some.

It wouldn’t be over-exaggerating to say that Avengers: Infinity War is the best movie we’ve seen so far this year and will almost definitely hold on that all year. You owe it to yourself to go see this movie.

PS. The Scarlet Witch/Vision thing is still weird though.

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