I’ve always been aware of RWBY since it’s early conception. Thought it wasn’t until it came onto Prime that I gave it some serious attention, so rather than doing a review on a five-year-old series, I’ll just share my thoughts.

I remember back in 2012/2013 seeing one the trailers for Rooster Teeth’s ambitious animation project, my friends and I came on the Internet one evening and looked at it both positively and negatively.

Positively the cell shaded cutscene style animated went down well with us and the action scenes look fresh and easy to follow. Negatively, we thought it looked over the top and was so ambitious it was doomed to fail.

Negatively, we were wrong and RWBY seems to have been a real hit with the show’s voice actors being regular features of comic book conventions. I didn’t really give it much thought after watching a few episodes and then falling in love with Naruto, however.

Though when the first two volumes came onto Amazon Prime edited together into big features and add that to a free Saturday afternoon, I found myself watching the first volume. Overall, I kind of liked the first volume. The characters design are great and stand out really well.

A fusion of impractical expressive anime fashion mixed with practical sensible clothes like body armour. The action scenes worked real as each main character has a conventional weapon mixed with some secret ingredient. Like Ruby’s main weapon which is a mix of a Sycthe and a gun. All these points lead to a big tick next to the visuals.

Now, we move onto the story and what makes it tick and sometimes cross. I thought the Hogwarts style setting in RWBY was a little generic and was trying a little hard to lure in its target audience and could’ve easily been something else based on how the writers pull the main characters out of it.

When the story moves out of the school setting is where it began to shine as each story introduced another fragment of this exciting world whilst revealing a unique and compelling fact about another character.

To finish up, RWBY Volume 1 was a fun watch and with Volume 2 being a whopping 2 and a half hour run, I feel Volume 1 has encouraged me to at least try watching Volume 2 like all decent franchises should.

Now I’m kicking myself because I just found it on YouTube. Sometimes I’m just not that good at things…

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