This past weekend a handful of the team head into London to check out EGX Rezzed which was home to some of this year’s hottest indie games across console and PC. There were hundreds of games on show, but a few stood out to us as some of the more notable titles.

Below you’ll find some hand-picked gems from the show that are really worth a mention.

Insane Robots

“Card Games Hacked” is the way Rob Davis from developer Playniac described the game, and he wasn’t wrong. What started out as a concept drawn up on some old business cards became this charming and incredibly intense card battling game where players face-off against each other to ultimately destroy their robot.

At the event we got hands-on with the game’s competitive mode which pits two players against each other. Using tokens rather than cards, players build their attacks and defences, whilst also trying to second-guess what the other player might do next, and hopefully countering that before they get the chance.

Admittedly, Davis threw us in the deep end, but once he’d walked us through a few games, we got the hang of it really quickly and we were hooked.

Insane Robots is currently in development with a release planned later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Big Crown: Showdown

One thing we noticed at EGX Rezzed this year was that party games are coming back with a bang. Big Crown: Showdown was one of a couple party games we got our hands on, but stood out to us the most.

In this game players are tasked with being the first to get a score of 20. In order to score, they must knock their opponents off the level, but with every other player doing the same thing, it became incredibly hectic and absolutely hilarious.

Add to this the various moving platforms, environmental hazards, and other things tempting you to your doom, trying to not fail at your own hand became an even bigger challenge.

Good news though, the game comes with custom hats for your heroes to wear!

Big Crown: Showdown is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC this summer.

MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures

From the creators of Stronghold comes MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures a tactical dungeon crawler bringing inspiration from ARPGs such as Gauntlet, Magicka and Diablo.

Think fast hack and slash-style action, but with a bunny as your hero, at least that is until you morph into one of the other elemental creatures at your disposal. It’s chaotic, fast paced, and has you thinking on your feet.

MetaMorph is what would happen if Diablo and Kameo had a baby. You swap heroes on the fly, combining their skills in combat and puzzle solving alike while using Diablo-esque mechanics and gameplay. On the whole it’s a great little timesink.

At the event we got hands-on with some of the game’s different classes, however there are more on the way that’ll help add a bit more variation to the game according to the developer.

MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures is currently in Early Access on PC with a console release planned for the future.


It’s Left4Dead but with Aliens… That’s all we really have to say about this one.

Okay, you want more information? Well EarthFall a co-op shooter where four players are tasked with ridding the world of aliens after the devastation caused by a meteor. With different and more difficult types of aliens, players must have their wits about them to ensure they survive the alien swarm.

Where this game really differs from Left4Dead is of course, aliens, but also the game has strategic building mechanics allowing players to barricade themselves in different locations to get the upper hand. There’s also a 3D printing mechanic where players can build upto 20 new and unique weapons.

It takes an already established and enjoyable formula and flips it on its head.

EarthFall is currently in Early Access on PC with a console release planned later this year.

HyperBrawl Tournament

It’s handball to the extreme. It’s that classic game of throwing a ball into a goal, but this time contact is allowed. Expect frantic, fast-paced action where scoring goals feels like the last thing you need to pay attention to.

As well as the obvious sporting mechanics, HyperBrawl turns it up to 11 by adding weapons into the mix which allow players to smash their opponents out of the arena making scoring points just that little bit easier.

In the game there are several modes available for 1 player, 2 v 2, and even 1 v 1. There’s also local multiplayer too once again bringing back that couch play we knew and loved as kids.

HyperBrawl Tournament is set to launch sometime this September on PC and console.


EGX Rezzed 2018 was jam packed with some weird and wonderful games spanning across all platforms from PC to Switch, and we even saw a PS Vita at one stand. While it’s been a quiet year for AAA releases, you can rest assured knowing that there are some fantastic indie titles on the horizon.

Stay tuned over the next couple of days for our full EGX Rezzed coverage both here and on our YouTube channel.

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