Universal has released the first official poster for their newest instalment in the Halloween franchise.

The poster shows off Michael in a mask that looks like it has seen the ravages of age: there are “smile” lines, crows feet, and other various wrinkles, along with what appear to be old scars here and there. There’s even a tantalizing glimpse inside the mask’s eyehole: only enough to assure you that there is a killer behind the mask; most of the space is a cavernous void.

Although Jamie Lee Curtis, in her own Instagram post that showed off the poster, has said that in “exactly six months” Michael Myers will be returning home, Universal is doing a good job of not letting too many cats out of the bag. It is known that this new film will retcon all of the sequels to the original Halloween. At the same time, John Carpenter, executive producer, has said the new movie is more like an “alternate reality” take on the tale rather than a total reboot.

This isn’t totally new for the series–the sequels that do exist take two different timelines. One allows for Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) death between movies four and six and ignores Halloween: H20 and anything after; the other ignores the events from films three through six. There are also Rob Zombie’s prequel/remakes which at this time appear to be totally unrelated to the upcoming film.

For more information on the new Halloween, please check out our previous articles on it. It will be out on October 19.

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