Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue JoyCons

Nintendo will be teaming up with San Francisco-based venture capital firm Scrum Ventures to scout for start-ups working on new ways to play with or use the Nintendo Switch console.

The startups Scrum has an eye out for startup companies, teams within larger companies, and university researchers with ideas and plans on how to further push the Switch’s innovative possibilities. Locations of such groups is of no consequence. Scrum and Nintendo have outside developers to assist with bringing the actual products to the market. It appears as if the actual products they would be interested in would be both software and hardware products, as long as they “expand the scope of Nintendo Switch, in gaming and beyond.”

The program itself has begun, according to Scrum’s website. At the moment, applications are open, and will remain so until June 20. Applications are open to the groups that have been outlined above. During the “early summer,” the most qualified teams will be selected after a series of interviews, and once teams have been selected there will be a two month virtual program.

During the two month period, Scrum Ventures and experts in the field will mentor and coach accepted teams. The goal is to prepare a tech demo and pitch for Nintendo. Pitch day itself will not come until “early fall.” Nintendo will then make the final decisions on which items they will accept and bring to term for their latest home console.

Nintendo usually keeps projects in-house, but this program is still not terribly surprising for a company that is not afraid to experiment. With the Nintendo Labo on the way on April 20, it will be interesting to see how things progress from here.

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