Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue JoyCons

We’ve been hearing rumors for some time now that the next generation of Pokémon will be on the Nintendo Switch. Now, it seems, we have official confirmation.

Twitter user @raqueruu posted pictures from a Spanish Nintendo Switch companion magazine that has some information on games that are in development. The section on Pokémon says, essentially, that the beloved series will be continuing, and the inclusion in the Switch-centric magazine implies that it will be gracing the newest Nintendo console.

When translated with Google, the section reads: “After a lifetime associated with portable consoles, the canonical side of Pokémon will jump to the table with its eighth generation. Game Freak and The Pokémon Company are rethinking the saga to surprise with new mechanics, either in 2018 or later.”

In the thread of @raqueruu’s tweet, Spanish-speaking Twitter users are pointing out that some information, like that regarding Octopath Traveler and No More Heroes, is a little outdated: the name for Octopath Traveler isn’t correct (but it may have had a different working title in translation) and No More Heroes has since been confirmed as a spin-off.

Of course, the sources being older doesn’t necessarily mean that the information is incorrect. Perhaps it would be best to wait for word direct from Nintendo–or at least from CoroCoro–but this does seem much more legitimate than any other rumors about this that we’ve seen recently.

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