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Opinion: Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion… Should I Really Care?

Take it or leave it...

Destiny 2 hasn’t been the most well received MMO RPG. With issues around every corner from bullshit add-ons, to player restrictions, to stale gameplay, Destiny 2 hasn’t had the same run it’s predecessor has. Now, we have got word of another upcoming DLC and, honestly, I could give less of a shit.

The original Destiny sucked me in, for a time, but even my experience with the first game was sporadic. The Taken King is where I, along with most, truly accepted the game. It revamped a LOT of what was wrong with the initial game and added countless hours of new and exciting content that kept it’s claws in me for quite some time. Then the Rise of Iron dropped, and while it wasn’t terrible, it didn’t have the same affect that Taken King had had on me. I set Destiny down and moved on to other, more exciting prospects.

Then Destiny 2 was released, from what I saw I felt hopefully, and I could feel familiar sensations coming back. Upon release Destiny 2 controlled a few weeks of my life, but I found myself running out of worthwhile content rather quickly. Destiny 2 left me feeling incomplete. It did a lot right, but failed to deliver the same awe-inspiring moments the original had. I returned to the game for the Curse of Osiris DLC and that’s when I called it. That sad, sorry excuse for a DLC left an extremely bitter taste in my mouth and an irritation in my bank account. Did I really just drop another $20 for 3 fucking hours of content?!

Destiny has been on a slippery slope for some time now. When the first game released, it was around the time the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were just finding their footings among the gaming community. Destiny was a game that players hadn’t really encountered before, so Bungie seized the moment, and the market for quite some time. However, now these consoles are on full blast, with studios cranking out player experiences that are constantly pushing the envelope in terms of immersion and uniqueness. And this is where, and why Destiny 2 will continuously find it hard to climb back up the ladder, in regards to relevance.

Bungie’s IP has been playing catch-up since the sequel released, and honestly, I’m having a hard time justifying a way for me to return to this game when there are some many other, newer, more fresh experiences on the horizon. Already, in 2018 we have seen games like Fortnite and PUBG dominate the gaming community. We’ve had games like Far Cry 5 and Monster Hunter: World, and we have upcoming releases like the, already, highly acclaimed God of War that will assuredly occupy a majority of our time.

The issue here is, why should I go back to a game that has consistently let me down as a consumer AND a gamer? What is Bungie going to offer the player that other, newer titles can, and possibly do better?? Unfortunately that is yet to be seen, but personally, I’m not holding my breath for the newest installment. I’m not going to hope it flops, I honestly hope that Bungie CAN turn Destiny around, but until my Taken King experience returns I’ll be slow to return to this IP any time soon.

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