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PUBG Corp. have revealed that Xbox One players will be able to dive into PUBG‘s desert map, Miramar, next month.

Speaking at PAX East this weekend, the developer announced that Miramar, which has been available for PC players for months now, will be coming to Xbox One in May. The studio didn’t give a specific release date, but clarified on Twitter that more information will be coming soon.

For those unfamiliar with the new map, despite being a little less greener than the game’s initial map, Miramar offers a completely different level of play. With way more open spaces, very little cover, as well as small yet dense towns, this map does shake up the game some what.

It also includes a number of new weapons and vehicles, such as the mini bus, pick-up truck, and a Jetski.

As for the PC version of PUBG, PUBG Corp. is currently testing a brand new map, a 4x4km map which offers much faster and tighter gameplay. Weapon spawns are far more frequent too, making getting stocked up a lot easier. You can read our thoughts here.


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