Way back in September of last year SWERY, who’s most known for D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and the bizarre Twin Peaks inspired detective game Deadly Premonition started a crowdfunding campaign on Fig for his new game The Good Life. Unfortunately the campaign wasn’t a success but he refused to give up and took to Kickstarter instead.

Now with only a week left to reach its goal, a playable demo has been released to give you a taste of The Good Life.

For those who don’t know, the game is about an American photographer who gets into massive debt and has to move to a tiny countryside village in England. While there she must use her photo taking skills to make money to repay the debt but all is not as it seems in the “happiest town on Earth.” First of all there’s the matter of the mysterious murder and then of course there are the villagers who turn into cats at night for some unknown reason. The Good Life definitely has SWERY’s trademark strangeness all over it.

The playable demo is pretty short, with only 3 quests to do and they only take a couple of minutes to finish. You’ve got to take a picture of a truck for a guy who lost it in a bet but wants something to remember it by. There’s the vicar’s wife who needs proof he’s an alcoholic and a man who wants proof that his sister-in-law is having an illicit affair. The gameplay is simplistic but enjoyable. Quests involve more than just taking the picture, there are puzzle elements like getting the truck to stop so the photo isn’t blurry or making sure the vicar can’t see you when he’s drinking.
The Good Life Prototype Screenshot

If that sounds interesting enough to you, the demo can be downloaded here and if you like it I urge you to pledge to the Kickstarter campaign. It would be a shame for such a unique game not to see the light of day.

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