Sony has released the second trailer for their upcoming movie, Venom, and this time we finally get to see the Symbiote in action.

I was all excited for the Venom movie until I forgot how actually scary the dude was. The dude scared the crud out of me when I was younger since you know it’s a giant powerful monster that kind of looks like a frightening version of Spider-man.

I should’ve sunk in further when the dude turned up in Spider-man 3 crawling the place like a Xenomorph. So when Sony finally got there act together and got their Venom solo movie project off the ground, I got all scared again.

Watch reporter Eddie Brock get in way over his head against a powerful corporation trying to harness the powers of a mysterious symbiote which ends up merging with Eddie leading to a dangerous situation.

Can this work without the direct connection to Spider-man? Since the character origin story is deeply entangled with the web-crawler.

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Fancy getting freaked out? Will check out Venom on the 10th May 2018.

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