Capcom has announced that Falke will be joining the Street Fighter V roster later this month.

If you’ve ever been hit with a stick, you know it hurts. Most of us have probably been hit caveman style or if you’re from the Victorian Era, school style. Though, how many of us can say that they’ve been hit by someone who is a master of stick martial art?

At least now you’ll get to experience that virtual as Falke joins the roster of Street Fighter V. Using a mix of stick strikes that include twirling and good old-fashioned whacking, Falke can throw some old fashioned kicks and fire energy blasts from her stick.

How does she do that? By infusing her weapon with Physco Power, the power choice of a certain M. Bison.

Coming in three costumes, one for battle which makes her look all dark and moody, and another that’s pure and white like a Naruto Ninja for the story. Her third one looks like a henchmen of Shadaloo, however.

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Mark your calendar as Falke becomes a playable character in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on April 24th!

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