Overwatch‘s weirdest support character is set to get another re-work, and this time she’s FINALLY getting moved to the Defence class, as announced in an interview with Invent Global.

A Symmetra re-work has been on the cards for a while now, and could well be heading anywhere. Thankfully a little light has been shed by Overwatch Developer Timothy Ford, in an interview with Invent global:

“We are discussing the change right now, and although we can’t tell you the details of each change, we would still like to let you know it will be a fairly dramatic change. One thing we can tell you is that Symmetra will turn from a support hero to a defense hero after the remake. Our aim is to make the usage of Symmetra even more flexible from it”

Symmetra’s move will fully cement the Support class as the ‘healer’ class that it’s viewed as by the community. While Ana, Moira, and Brigitte have joined the Support class since Launch, we are yet to get a new defence hero, and while this might not be the way in which we thought we’d see it, it’s a welcome move nonetheless.

We’re eagerly awaiting these changes to hit the PTR, whenever that may be. In the mean time we’ll jsut be grinding out some more Retribution lootboxes.

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