I’ll be real with you. The PUBG hype train left my station without me. The choppy server performance and general lack of polish turned me away and the latest updates have failed to bring me back. That is until they announced their new, much smaller, map: Savage. You can read more here (and get a key to play) on their website.

The 4×4 jungle map has the same number of players, greatly increased loot spawn rates, the removal of useless clothing spawns (Praise be!), new building assets, new vehicles, and probably more. And, honestly, it’s what I’ve wanted from PUBG from the start.

For me, PUBG is epitomised by the gunfights between two well-matched, well-geared players. That’s what makes my heart pump out of my chest, and with this new map, that’s what you get far more often than in the base game. Everyone is geared to the brim and because the same 100 players are on this tiny map, the gunfights are constant and so is the excitement.

The games are quicker too. Camping is a thing of the past, the circle comes for you far too fast for that. You’re kitted out in 10 minutes because of the crazy high loot spawns and for better or worse, each game now feels much less like an investment. They feel flippant and inconsequential. But as someone coming from CS:GO and Rainbow Six: Siege, where you can lose a round, and next round reset and go again, I love it.

Probably because the servers used for Savage are different to the live game’s ones, the whole game feels tighter and less choppy, leading to a much more satisfying in-game experience. Honestly, I can’t quite articulate how much more I enjoy this map than anything else in PUBG. Even in solo, the mode frequently called the worst, Savage is fun as hell.

And early last night, they released an update adding Squads and various other changes that you can read here. So, I won’t take up any more of your time, go sign up at the link above and go play. It’s only open until April 5! Go go!

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