One day, one day Eren and co will melodramatically vanquish the Titans, those nightmarish giants terrorising humanity in an alternate history. But when that sad day comes, what will happen to all that ODM Gear?

ODM gear, for those who don’t know, is basically a grapple belt that gives you steampunk like abilities to web sling like Spider-man, whilst also giving you two big swords to use at the same time.

What will the Survey Corps get up to after they’ve slain the last Titan? Well, I’ve had three ideas for who else they can take down.

Use ’em to fight Power Rangers’ monsters…

One day a Power Ranger villain is going to fully disable the Power Rangers Megazord and the Rangers will find themselves up against a giant monster with no Zords. That’s where the ODM gear comes in handy. Since it’s basically designed to manoeuvre around giant beings and attack their weak points.

All these positive attributes would make them a perfect stand-in if the Megazord ever got compromised. Or alternatively, if the Titans overwhelmed a Megazord, the ODM gear would also be very useful.

To defeat the evil Godzilla…

I know over the years Godzilla has appeared in many different forms, live action, animated and comics and they flop between good and evil or sometimes just not very good like that 1998 film people don’t like.

So if an evil version of Godzilla did turn up and started causing havoc I’m sure the Survey Corps could lend a hand putting him down.

To take down the Sentinels…

Those poor mutants are always under attack. Whether it’s from Magneto using them like human shields in another diabolical scheme to wipe out humans. Or if evil mutant hating humans are back on the scene with their dangerous plagues or giant robots known as Sentinels.

So maybe when The Survey Corps have finished off The Titans they could head over to Winchester and give the X-Men a hand the next time the Sentinels come calling.

Also, little side fact did you know the Avengers once meet the Titans during the Secret Wars story event?


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