Sea of Thieves developer Rare have detailed some of the content coming to the game in the coming months, including a new map.

Sea of Thieves is great… for a couple of hours and then it gets a little tedious. One of the biggest complaints about the game isn’t the game itself, but the lack of anything really substantial to do. Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from achieving Pirate Legend status, but still it took some grinding to get there.

Now people are looking towards Rare to introduce something more to the game and it might just be on the horizon. In a new developer diary, Rare has detailed some of their upcoming plans for content for the game that’ll span over the next several months. This includes a shift in priorities for the developer.

In the video, Rare discusses putting previous plans on the backburner, including pets and captaincy. Instead, the developer will be focusing on adding new maps, enemies, and in-game events.

Sea of Thieves Screenshot

Coming May, The Hungering Deep will arrive that’ll offer Sea of Thieves players a new AI threat to the game and a special event. Weekly events will also begin that’ll introduce new mechanics to the game as well as special rewards.

Later on in the Summer, players can expect to find a new ship type through Cursed Sales as well as a brand new region named Forsaken Shores. These will all come with their own new mechanics, enemies, and rewards.

Rare also clarified that all upcoming content will be free so as not to split the player base, but will this be enough to bring players back to the game?

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