WARNING: This review contains spoilers for WestWorld Season 2 Episode 2!! Proceed at your own discretion.

You’ve been warned.

This weeks episode of Westworld, took us back to where it all began! From Dolores’ first field test, to William’s push to get Logan Delos’ Father, Jim, to invest in the park, this episode gave us our greatest insight yet into the origins of Westworld and the androids that now run it.

Ford and Arnold’s plan to convince Logan to invest was a very memorable moment from this episode. By playing “find the android” Logan is deceived into thinking there was just one in the room. It isn’t until the entire room full of guests stops moving that he sees the shear capabilities of this ground breaking technology. Obviously, he isn’t completely convinced until he bangs Angela, but at least he can say he took ones of them for a test drive before signing off on the deal. The scene was extremely well done, overall. We all knew going into it that Angela was a host, but seeing the entire room stop moving affected us just as much as it did Logan, and was a clever way of driving the point home to him and viewers alike. Turns out the Argos Initiative, the company behind the Hosts, is farther ahead in tech than anyone should be.

The entire episode had a very Jurassic Park feel to it. The way they convinced a key investor and his father to agree to supplying ample amounts of cash to fund a park was like deja vu. Showing Logan he was surrounded by androids was like Dr. Grant seeing that first majestic creature walking across the field. The entire idea that “you don’t need to wait to see proof this is tangible” is straight from the Jurassic Park playbook. Who wants to wait around to play god when you already have the means to do so? Seriously, I’m just waiting for Ian Malcom to show up, and then this show is going to get real!

The more important moment, however, is when young William (The Man in Black), is at the park with Logan’s father Jim, attempting to get him to continue his investment in the park. While apprehensive at first, William brings up an extremely important point, that will surely be further explored as this season moves forward…

“Here they’re free, nobody’s watching, nobody’s judging.. at least that’s what we tell them. This is the only place in the world where you get to see people for who they really are.. and if you can’t see the opportunity in that than you aren’t the business man I thought you were…”

This obviously refers to the collection of “user data” that Arnold saw in the premiere episode last week. This harvesting of park-goers DNA will obviously be a major part of this season, but to what end? Personally, I think its part of how the Hosts look and act so authentic, it could be that the hosts are molded from this “user data”. A company that can make, realistic replicas of actual people is something that presents endless possibilities, and I think it is very possible this Argos Initiative realizes those practical uses. Robot President anyone??

William has corroborated this ideal as well, stating that everyone who has visited the park, wanted a place “hidden from God, a place they could sin in peace.” Obviously, they weren’t alone, because William adds that “we were tallying up all their sins, all their choices. Judgement wasn’t the point; we had something else in mind.” It is important to keep this business model in mind, because I have a feeling this is just the tip of an extremely sketchy ice burg.

This episode also see Dolores really dive into this whole revenge mission. I think it is safe to say she has become a force to be reckoned with. Gone are the days where she was just a helpless android.  Now shes walking around the park like she owns the place, telling guests and hosts alike that “we’ve killed God.” She takes things one step further when she flaunts these new god-like powers of hers when she attempts to get the Confederados to join her crew. Angela and Teddy slaughter every one of the gang and Dolores then has her new pet tech guy bring them “back to life”. Apparently Dolores is trying to demonstrate that she is “God” now.

This is all backed by the belief that she “knows” humans because she has walked among us before. This is supported by the flashbacks of her and William, or her and Arnold, in the real world, presumably somewhere in, or around, China. When Arnold took her for her first field test, and when William had a few Hosts act as entertainment and waiters for Jim Delos’ retirement party. Seeing her remember these events only solidified her drive behind this new conquest. It’s becoming blatantly clear, Dolores has a rather big chip on her shoulder, I mean you would too if you spent your life being used and abused by whomever had the desires and urges to do so.

This idea of “control” is further explored when Dolores and Teddy run into Maeve later in the episode. Maeve and Dolores clearly have different ideas about revenge. Dolores pointing out that Maeve is just “playing into her maker’s hands” while Maeve retorts that there are more than just Dolores’ ways of fighting back. Teddy is brought into the middle of this pissing contest when Maeve calls out Dolores for being “free to command everyone else.” She asks Teddy if he feels “free”, and while Teddy doesn’t really answer, I am sure we will find out how “free” he feels before this season is over. A guy can only take commands for so long after all.

Meanwhile, we see William re-unite with an old friend, Lawrence! The two have set off to recruit other Hosts on William’s quest to find “his greatest mistake”. We some what see what this “mistake” was in a flashback with William and Dolores, and she later mentions that it is a weapon not a place, but we still have yet to find out just WHAT this weapon is and why William regrets it so much. It’s been fun to see Ford randomly chiming in, during William’s quest.

First it was the young, Ford look-alike child that dropped some convoluted wisdom on William. This episode see’s the new El Lazo impersonate Ford for a brief moment as well. Warning him that this journey is one he must do alone, before him and his crew all off themselves in front of William and Lawrence. Ford is dead, yes, BUT he is far from gone, and this, I think, will only become more obvious the further William gets to his goal. Ford has somehow imprinted himself on, what I think is safe to say, all of the Hosts, and is using them to guide William in a way.

Dolores and William are clearly after the same thing. William is after it in hopes he can reach it before her. Does he regret showing it to her before the park opened? Dolores clearly remembers whatever it is because she calims, “It’s not a place, it’s a weapon, and I’m gonna use it to destroy them…” So it seems like his “biggest mistake” was showing it to Dolores in the first place. With more and more memories coming back to her, she clearly knows more than her makers probably would’ve wanted her to.

What is this weapon, and how can it be used to destroy everyone?? Knowing Westworld, we’ll find out an episode of two before the finale!

That pretty much wraps up this weeks episode. Be sure to check back with us as we continue to dissect each episode as it premieres, and for everything Westworld related, n3rdabl3 has you covered!

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