Sea of Thieves has been out for a good couple of weeks and the initial boom of players, thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, have sailed away into the sunset leaving the waters a little calmer than before. So, I thought it’d be a good time to reflect on our adventures look towards the horizon to see what’s in store.

What we know at the moment is that Rare has a bunch of content planned for Sea of Thieves, but it hasn’t gone without a few sacrifices along the way. In the coming months players can expect to find a chest-load of content, but other plans such as Pets and Captaincy have been left on the backburner for the time being.

So taking what we know about the future of Sea of Thieves, we thought we’d look even further at potential content that could come to the game.

More Meaningful Progression

While Sea of Thieves is a massive and enjoyable sandbox game, the game’s current sense of progression is a little underwhelming. It’s a simple grind of grabbing a voyage, grabbing a chest, skull, or chicken, then heading back to an outpost to hand it in. Getting gold and reputation is your only reward, and gold can only really be spent on more voyages (later in the game) or on a new hat or other item of clothing.

Making progression a bit more meaningful, like with an overarching story, would give players a better reason to progress other than buying a pegleg.

AI Pirate Ships

Sea of Thieves Screenshot

While running into other players can be both a blessing and a curse, being able to hunt down pirate ships would be a great addition to the game. Think about it, Mystic Voyages could point players towards a location on the map in a similar fashion to how it works now, but rather than landing on an island, the ship is sailing within its vicinity.

Of course, I can understand the challenges of doing this, as of course other players may also stumble across the ship before those with the actual voyage can get there, but perhaps that adds to the challenge.

More Customisation

Let’s be honest, our in-game characters are the best of a bad situation, really. With no real customisation to hand, we’re left with randomising a set of pirate shells until we find one that we’re somewhat happy with.

The same goes with ships. While customising your ship is expensive, the options available aren’t the most compelling. Having the ability to personalise your ship sails with some sort of custom emblem would make sailing the seas much more enjoyable.

Again, I can see the issues with allowing players this freedom, there’s nothing worse than looking through the spyglass to see a huge penis sail coming towards you, but perhaps more colours and shapes would be a shout, right?

More Activities

Sea of Thieves Screenshot

We know Rare has plenty up their sleeves in terms of new mechanics and dynamics in The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails, and The Forgotten Shores updates, but we’re also hoping they vary from the three main activities available to players at the moment (finding chests, killing skeletons, finding rare trade items).

One thing I heard plenty when Sea of Thieves first arrived was that the ability to fish would be a good shout, and I agree. Activities outside of building the main three reputations would bring a really interesting dynamic to the game and would perhaps stop everyone being so aggressive all the time. It’d also make solo play a lot more interesting as players could just jump in and chill out with a bit of fishing.


While we’ve had plenty of encounters with other players that haven’t gone so well, there have been rare occasions where we’ve teamed up with a smaller Sloop to take down a much bigger foe, such as a Galleon.

If Rare were to implement a way for four players to play, with two separate ships, or even implement some sort of clan feature to the game so that multiple groups of players could join up and tackle even bigger environmental enemies (like the Kraken, for example) that would certainly bring a huge change to the game.

Global Events

Sea of Thieves Kraken

Aside from the Pirate Fortresses, we’d love to see a variation in Global Events that players can come together and tackle / battle over. Whether it’s like the aforementioned AI Ship idea, or some sort of Pirate Bounty which players can post in the Inn back at an Outpost.

It’d definitely shake-up the game slightly as well as keeping gameplay fresh.


While it’s still very much early days for Sea of Thieves, there’s definitely room for improvement. I guess we’ll have to see how Rare’s plans unfold over the coming months.

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Hope they read this article and implement at least some of these ideas